5 Benefits of Being a CPA (2024)

5 Benefits of Being a CPA (2023)

The benefits of being a CPA in 2022 are numerous and they can be crucial for your career path, Certified Public Accountant is one of the most important certificates an accountant can have and one of the hardest.

So in this post, we will go through five benefits of being a CPA in 2022.

The first Benefit of being a CPA is:

1- Job Security

So the first huge benefit of passing the CPA exam is job security let me give you an example about a guy who got his first job in August of 2008 at a regional public accounting firm and as many of you know the economy crashed in August and September of 2008 so the firm held on to him through busy seasons but then after busy seasons they let him and another person go they were the only two people who had yet to pass the CPA exam so you can imagine what The partners we’re talking about when they were trying to decide who to let go

CPAs will always be in demand and essential for business regardless of the industry making it a fairly safe and secure career path when considering job security a common concern is about whether accounting is a growing field or will accountants replaced by automated robots and technology in the future? as technology advances it would like to make certain aspects of the role easier, for example in improving productivity and reducing errors in data entry. However, given the Strategic set of skills involved in CPA career paths, it’s more likely that its roles will evolve the technology to complement the CPA skill set.

2- Professional Recognition

Professional recognition passing the CPA exam across pretty much any industry everybody knows what the CPA exam is and if they don’t know precisely what it takes to pass, they know that it’s a freaking difficult test so if you’re planning to let’s say that you want to go to a big firm or to education or anything like that right off the bat somebody looks at your resume and see that you have passed the CPA exam is going to know that you are a hard worker that you stick with what you try to accomplish without giving up you’re an elite individual so you know that’s a huge benefit when trying to get outside of even accounting with You were CPA because it will benefit you everywhere you go.

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3- Career Development

Did you know that CPAs are required to complete 120 hours of professional development every 3 years this will ensure that CPAs are always ahead when it comes to changing positions or any changes in the profession and are consistently updating their skills this allows the CPA’s to increase their earning potential earning into higher positions either within the organization or outside.

Having a CPA gives you better opportunities in the long term and the short term, To become a manager or partner in a public accounting firm, you’ll have to have your CPA license. If you’re interested in moving into the C-Suite industry, a CPA credential will surely help you prove you can work at the higher levels of a company.

4- Career Flexibility

one of the benefits of becoming a CPA is the flexibility and versatility of the designation. CPAs have a very high chance of getting better jobs And can work across Industries and their designation is globally recognized, opening up a world of opportunities.

5- Prestige

Finally, it’s not easy to earn a CPA designation. CPAs go through hours of training, practical experience requirements, and exams to qualify and retain the designation. CPAs are regulated and held to high professional standards, making them trusted partners and advisors.

Is becoming a CPA worth it?

Is the CPA worth it for your career? Yes, the CPA designation is viewed as very prestigious by the business community. These three letters next to your name represent a thorough knowledge of accounting processes and a dedication to the profession.


Having a CPA can be a life changer and surely will increase your salary and make it easier for you to get a better position, I know it’s hard and takes a long time to study and pass but it’s worth it and must be every accountant’s goal.

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