CPA Exam Study Resources: The Best Study Materials & Reviews

CPA Exam Study Resources The Best Study Materials & Reviews1


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Preparing for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam is a significant undertaking. Success hinges on your ability to select the most effective study resources.

In this article, we will delve into the importance of choosing the right study materials, courses, and practice exams for CPA exam preparation, providing valuable insights and resources along the way.

Importance of Quality Study Resources for The CPA Exam

Quality study resources are the foundation of your CPA exam preparation. They offer comprehensive coverage, structure your learning, and provide essential exam simulation. Here’s why they are pivotal to your success:

  • Comprehensive Coverage: High-quality study materials ensure you thoroughly understand all the topics covered in the exam.
  • Structured Learning: Review courses offer structured study plans, helping you stay organized and focused.
  • Exam Simulation: Practice exams and question banks simulate real exam conditions, preparing you for the actual test day.

Textbooks and Study Guides

Textbooks and study guides are essential for a deep understanding of CPA exam content. They provide in-depth explanations and examples, making complex topics more manageable.

Look for materials from reputable publishers like Wiley, Becker, and Gleim for effective study resources. You can also explore resources like the AICPA’s library for additional guidance.

CPA Review Courses

CPA review courses are a valuable investment in your exam preparation. They offer structured study plans, video lectures, and practice questions.

Popular providers like Becker, Roger CPA Review, and Surgent CPA Review offer comprehensive courses tailored to your needs. Check out their official websites for course details and resources.

Online Learning Platforms

Online learning platforms provide flexibility for busy CPA candidates. These platforms offer a range of courses, allowing you to study at your own pace.

Consider well-known platforms like UWorld Roger CPA, Kaplan, and Wiley CPAexcel for high-quality CPA exam preparation courses. You can explore additional online resources from the National Association of State Boards of Accountancy (NASBA) for exam-related information.

Practice Exams and Question Banks

Practice exams and question banks are your secret weapons for self-assessment and exam simulation. They help identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Seek out reliable sources such as AICPA, Wiley, and Gleim for high-quality practice materials. You can also access practice exams through the AICPA’s official website.

Mobile Apps and Flashcards

Mobile apps and flashcards offer convenience for on-the-go studying. They are perfect for squeezing in quick review sessions during breaks or commutes.

Consider using apps from Surgent CPA Review and Wiley CPAexcel, as they are known for their effectiveness. You can find additional mobile apps and flashcards on platforms like iTunes and Google Play.

Official AICPA Materials

The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) provides official study materials that align perfectly with the exam content.

These materials are readily accessible to all CPA candidates. You can explore AICPA’s official resources through their website.

Peer-Recommended Resources

Joining study groups and forums can be highly beneficial. Fellow CPA candidates can recommend books, study guides, and courses that have helped them succeed.

Don’t hesitate to seek advice and share experiences with your peers. Check out platforms like CPA Exam Club for peer recommendations and discussions.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Before investing in study resources, read user reviews and testimonials. This allows you to gauge the effectiveness of various materials and courses.

Look for reviews on trusted websites and forums to get unbiased opinions. Websites like CPA Exam Guide and Reddit’s CPA Exam Community often have user-generated content and discussions.

Balancing Cost and Quality

Balancing cost and quality is a common challenge when choosing study resources. To make informed decisions, set a budget and compare options.

While it’s essential to manage expenses, remember not to compromise on the quality of your study materials. Investopedia provides articles and advice on budgeting for CPA exam preparation.

Accessing Free and Low-Cost Resources

In addition to paid resources, consider free or low-cost alternatives to supplement your preparation.

Open educational resources (OER) and community college courses can provide valuable supplementary learning opportunities. Websites like Coursera and edX offer free courses on relevant topics.

Creating a Personalized Study Toolkit

Every CPA candidate is unique, so creating a personalized study toolkit is crucial. Mix and match various resources to suit your learning style and needs.

This personalized approach enhances your chances of success. Websites like CPA Exam Mentor offer guidance on creating a personalized study plan.

Staying Updated with Changes

The CPA exam content and regulations are subject to change.

To ensure your study resources remain relevant, regularly visit the AICPA website and other reliable sources for updates and announcements. Subscribe to newsletters from organizations like NASBA to stay informed about CPA exam changes.


Choosing the right study resources is a pivotal step on your journey to CPA exam success. Whether you opt for textbooks, review courses, online platforms, or seek advice from fellow candidates, make informed choices.

Your study resources are your allies in this challenging endeavor, so select them wisely. With the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be well-prepared to conquer the CPA exam and achieve your professional goals.

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